Specific rules of automated management

1.     General ongoing

(a) The players are identified by a system of password to submit the orders.

(b) A player who provides to another his password to replace him without the game master knowing it takes the whole responsibility for this fact and assumes the potential consequences of them. Whatever is done using a password is supposed to be done by the person linked to the password.

(c) The administrator of the site is entitled to force a new password for a player who would have forgotten it.

(d) Should a player detect a leak in the security of the system (allowing to get some information that should remain secret), the player should notify the site administrator at once and keep the information strictly to himself.

(e) The provisional rating of the tournament will be accessible in a permanent way

(f) The successive orders and situations will be accessible in a permanent way.

(g) The deadlines are clearly apparent for all the games.

2.     Defects of orders

(a) To prevent the defects of orders, it is possible constantly to know which (if any) fellow-team members have not validate their orders.

(b) It is possible to know constantly, for any player of the game:

3.     Votes of stop of the game

(a) The result of the vote will be published when the game is finished in order to achieve the best of transparency in the management of the game.

(b) It is possible to vote for or against the stop of the game at any time.

(c) It is possible to know the current overall result (not detailed) of votes of stop of the game at any time.

4.     Organized replacements

(a) It is possible at any time to authorize or not the captain and the lieutenant to submit orders on ones’ behalf on the game (applicable in case of team tournament only)

4.     Limits of the system

(a) It is out of the scope of the system to handle :