Stabbeurfou site is proud to invite you to pre register (by email or on site) for its next tournament, standard game with negotiations, starting in September 2008, and which hopes to achieve the same quality standards as the DNWC and the Mansion tournament.


The tournament is named "Mysterious Forty-nine", as it is a social experience on the internet for which the Diplomacy games will serve as an excuse.

Mysterious Forty-nine uses the same support (stabbeurfou site) than the Diplomacy National World Cup and Wonderful Mansion but is completely different in two aspects : it is purely individual and players hide their identities (but do negotiate). Since the rule covers face to face, since you know who you are playing with in face to face (unless you start waring masks), this can be considered as a variant.


Tournament will have two simultaneous rounds, all played between September 2009 and June 2010.

Both rounds will have exactly seven boards. Every player will play at the same time a game in both rounds (round = set of boards).

Overall score is best score added to half of other score (since every player is in two games).


Players have an account that they must have created themselves (quick operation).

Orders are submitted on site and checked (there can not be mis-orders), and password is required to enter the orders.

Adjudications are performed by system at 23h59 GMT.

Players have access to all usual site facilities.

All game maps and all tournament rating will be available to anyone (on the stabbeurfou site). Dynamic information is also available about games on site, typically the reason why the deadline has just been postponed.

Organization may select players (main criterion will be reliability).


The scoring system will award 100 points for a solo, and none for the others.

Other configuration will abide “Manorcon square” system : c2 + 4c + 16 normalized such as Σ scores = 100 (but no 0.1 bonus for late survival for technical reasons).


This is a pure individual tournament. No team consideration will apply. No player in more than one game within same sub tournament. Replacement players will be taken from a waiting list (that may include eliminated players.)


* Game style

This is standard negotiations play (this is no gunboat). Negotiations use the site. Players have at least (usually more) three full days for negotiations before moves and one before retreats and adjustments. Players may require extensions.

* Complaints

Complaints about private messages content (messages from a player of a game to one or more players of a game) will never be accepted, no matter what the content is.

Complaints about public messages content (like messages posted on forum on site) may only be addressed by removing the offending message (or part of) from the site (when applicable).

* Secrecy of identities

(a) Identity of players will not be available to players, but providing this information (true or false) will never be illegal. This will serve the purpose of protecting famous players from being attacked only for considerations of reputation.

(b) So finding out who plays what and where will be part of this new experience. Pretending to be any other player as well.

(c) Overall list of all players involved somewhere in the tournament will still be available, without any clue on who plays where.

(d) Players will be referenced to as « Russia of game XXX » without knowing who this is in the ratings.

(e) All identities will be revealed at the end of the round.

* Game duration

All games will end before adjustments for year 1911 (or even before if a vote to stop is agreed - the game then stops as is.)


* awards

All players will be asked to vote for attribution of these awards to other players in their games with orders for Spring of last year played. Awards are : Boulanger - the nicest Napoléon - best strategist and tactician Machiavelli - most devious Balzac - most prolific correspondent. An informal award may be attributed to the player who guessed the most identities of other players (to be confirmed).

* rewards

The winner be rewarded a game from Hasbro company1.


Press is information made public by players on the site on a special page (one per game).

Players may issue press using their account.

On this tournament, all press is anonymous, except press from Game Masters, since identities are hidden.


Cross gaming is not forbidden, but every effort will be made to discourage it (but it will never be sanctioned).


Here is how the positions will be set :


A - e

B - f

C - g

D - i

E - a

F - r

G - t

AA - e

BB – f

CC - g

DD - i


EE - a

FF - r


GG - t

Player in x is Italy in game C and Germany in game DD; player in y is Russia in game E and Austria in game FF.

Every player meets 2 x (7-1) = 12 different players out of the 48 other players (that is 25% of the other players).

Players will choose the power they play in on a « First arrived first served » basis.


  • A specific mailing list will be set as a very convenient way to provide last minute information to all players (if player may talk in the list they will do so anonymously).

  • A specific FAQ for the tournament is available on the site and will be enriched until the actual beginning of the event.


This tournament is the best opportunity you will get to bring together players from all backgrounds, traditional mail, traditional email, electronic judge and web adjudication worlds and to allow you to play them and have fun.

=> If you wish to register, please EITHER :

(aa) send an email to (with First Name, Last name, email address, sex, and (not compulsory) year of birth (only if male)

(bb) register on the site (if not done already) and affiliate yourself to the "Mysterious_Forty_nine" tournament (use the « My registration » page.)

1Boxes available are : 1 Diplomacy, 2 « Axes and Allies » and a futurist Risk.