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Private_games : Tournament

Holder of the trophee for the moment

Jacques Morard

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Tournament regulations abstracted by director
Tournament Ongoing Anybody registered on site can put oneself in a gameA four digit password is required to put oneself in a gameGames may be created by anybody registered on site (not only director) (language )

News of the tournament

Operations of the director

For the tournament director only.
Click on the indicator :
Tournament Director

Create a game or a team


The final result of the tournament  Identities of the tournaments participants  Parameters of the games of the tournament  The mode of calculations of tournament points

Go to your registration page to join this tournament  History of the players and Game Masters  Players in more than one game  Geopolitic of the tournament


Tournament Director :   Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))

All games : azza/ battleforic1mt/ Battle_of_Kiev/ BCDiplo/ Benedict/ Bennies/ Blatz_Test/ bss1a/ College_Neerlandais/ Dieplomacey/ East_Sac_Diplomacy/ frozendork/ International_Relations/ JWH_Continuation/ Mentmore/ MOONRAKER- Never_Say_Never_Again- OCTOPUSSY- OHMSS- Poop_Dollar/ Revenant/ Santana/ Shaw/ Solo_or_Bust/ SummerDiplomacy/ teoguru/ Test/ The_Good_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly/ The_importance_of_being_Ernest/ The_Sleepwalkers/ WAG_Does_Diplomacy- Warriors_of_the_Seine/ Warzone_Baconator/

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Dedicated FAQ : FAQ of tournament Private_games


Summary of the results of the votes for the awards voted by players  Players' end of game statements


This is a permanent tournament

In this tournament players may put themselves into games

(one needs a code to put oneself in a game)

In this tournament only director create teams

These games are handled by site players themselves
(a guy create the game, sets a code, gives it to friends
and they may join the game directly)

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