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Que_le_plus_fourbe_gagne : Awards voted by players vote results


Reminder of definitions

  • Boulanger - the nicest
  • Napoléon - best strategist and tactician
  • Machiavel - most devious
  • Balzac - most prolific correspondent

Awards voted by players attribution

Trophie Player Country
BoulangerLN OUMY (exp^(-1))Russia
NapoleonOlivier GOOB (goob)France
MachiavelliGuil ACK1 (guilack1)England
BalzacNot alloted 

Detail of the votes for the awards voted by players

Country Boulanger Napoleon Machiavelli Balzac
England 1121
France 0401
Germany 0010
Italy 1010
Austria 0000
Russia 2000
Turkey 1001

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