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French_Wonders : Replacements on the tournament


Date and time Game Country Joining Leaving team
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:17:50Versailles_PalaceTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:17:49Versailles_PalaceGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:16:55Pont_du_GardTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:16:00Mont_St_MichelTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:14:53Eiffel_TowerTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:13:44Chartes_CathedralTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:12:39Chambord_ChateauTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:11:42Arc_de_TriompheFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:11:42Arc_de_TriompheItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:11:42Arc_de_TriompheRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:11:42Arc_de_TriompheTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:11:41Arc_de_TriompheGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:11:41Arc_de_TriompheEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:11:41Arc_de_TriompheAustria    Players of Austria

Number of times a player or GM has been changed : 49

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