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Rule of the games, of games and tournaments


Normal courtesy is required in the contents of the messages. It is possible to complain about the contents of a message to the game master, who may take the adequate measures.
Building Diplomacy on incitation to hate that leads to drawing people away from game/site will be grounds for expulsion from site (after warning).


Official rules to start with

Here are international official (in English) Rules Avalon 2000 in the acrobat format.  Avalon Hill rules  Consult its bugs (in English)

Alternatively : The rules provided with the box of the French Jeux Descartes 1994 edition (in French)  Rules from Jeux Descartes

Adds to the rules

This precious document lists the ambiguities to decide (in English).  Diplomacy Adjudication Test Cases

Here are all the home rules for adjudication on this site (in English).  Home rules

Here are all the home rules for fixing orders of players so that they are accepted by adjudicator on this site (in English).  Orders correction

The test report of the adjudicator of the site (in English).  Test report



Game rules  Tournament regulations may amend these game rules.

Tournaments rounds

Round rules  Tournament regulations may amend these round rules.

System is automatic  Several more points are to be precised for automaticly managed system.


Tournament generic rules  Complement for team playing tournament.  Complement for anonymous tournament.  Tournament regulations may amend these tournament rules.

A tournament, like a small democracy, has a constitution et respects the equilibrum of powers to solve in the best manner the conflicts.  The constitution of tournaments

Supplementary rules

The famous Diplomacy Player Technical Guide (in English)  To read it

Tournamnent rules

See the rules specific to a given tournament
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