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News of the game

2013-03-31 14:55:31 (GMT) : As the name of the game implies, there will be one move per day. Please each of you be fully committed to making moves, retreats, and adjustments on time, every time. If you miss a deadline by more than one hour, I WILL use the AI to make your moves. Be aware that the AI often makes very bad moves. It is also bad for your steadfastness rating. IF you send a public message two days in advance in case of planned absence, I will adjust the deadline. IF you have an emergency, send me a private message here and at ssstabbeurfou@gmail.com. Note that there is also a choice to deposit moves, which will become your move for the next action. This is sometimes useful for adjustments.

The system software sets each adjudication for midnight in Greenwich. The GM can change the day of an adjudication but not the time of day. Therefore, the GM has to be alert to trigger adjudication in a quite timely fashion. If I fail to do that, I apologize, in advance. If I am really bad, I might provide a two day deadline.

If everybody were in one time zone, we might be able to have retreats and adjustment in one day but we have large TZ differences so I will not attempt to accomplish more than one action per day.

Tactical operations (for players)

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Players :     
Jim TAYLOR (jamest)
Peter HAND (Peter)
Per Otto DÆHLEN (angban)
Ian WILENIUS (Wiley)
Craig PURCELL (Craig)

Game Master :   Eric SORENSON (SrCit)    Creator :   Eric SORENSON (SrCit)

Tournament :   FASTER_games_in_English_still_open_to_all

Other games of the tournament :   New_Guy_GMing_please_join Waihi_Beach@

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