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Outright victory
Deadline has passed Deadline : Thu 02 Mar 2017 23h59 GMT - Season to play : Adjustments 1911
(stable in centres since Autumn Retreats 1911, ends 1999, language , codes )
Deadline passed of 29346 hours

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Tactical operations (for players)

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Player will very soon be ejected from the gamePlayer will very soon be ejected from the gameNo delays yet, will be waitedNo delays yet, will be waitedNo delays yet, will be waitedNo delays yet, will be waitedNo delays yet, will be waited
                              All players agree to adjudicate before deadlineOrders of all players are in


Players :     
Ilya GUZMAN (Tarakashka)
Pete MARINARO (Pete)
Angelo CERVONE (angel)
Andrea ZIFFER (AZ)
Maluco RASTA (Maluco Rasta)
Chris RAVEN (Busby)
Robin GELLING (Robhin)

Game Master :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)    Creator :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)

Tournament :   Private_games

Other games of the tournament :   MOONRAKER Never_Say_Never_Again OHMSS@ WAG_Does_Diplomacy

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History and parameters of the game

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