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News of the game

2014-12-04 14:09:11 (GMT) : Looking tricky for I and T.
Will there be a twist ...?

Latest score as it stands at this moment:

Enrico (Russia) = 49.6
Craig (Germany) = 46.6
Riaz (England) = 46.6
Pete (Turkey) = 31.6
Robert (Italy) = 25.6


One minute of silence for the fallen soldiers
(Better luck in round 2 chaps - with a different country)

Latest update:

Enrico (Russia) = 46.6
Riaz (England) = 46.6
Craig (Germany) = 40.6
Pete (Turkey) = 34.6
Robert (Italy) = 31.6

Keep stabbing!


The latest "provisional scores for this game are:

RIAZ (England) = 43.33
ENRICO (Russia) = 40.33
CRAIG (Germany ) = 34.33
PETE (Turkey ) = 31.33
ROBERT (Italy) = 28.33
SEBASTIAN (Austria) = 22.33
Ray (France) was unlucky!

Can anyone trust anyone else in this game?? 007

To the uninitiated eye, England looks like a sea power!

The provisional score at this moment reads

Riaz (England) 40.333
Craig (Germany) 37.333
Enrico (Russia) 37.333
Pete (Turkey) 31.333
Robert (Italy) 28.333
Seb (Austria) 25.333
Ray (France) (better luck next time!)


A provisional score will be entered at the end of the building phase. The second game in the tournament (Doctor No) is about to get under way...

All moves in.....??

The battle of TOP GAME will be starting shortly.

If successful, this will be the first in a continuous line of games making up a tournament.
There will be a score given to each player after the game. this is carried forward to the next round and scores will be cumulative. The scoring system will be explained in a separate message.

TO BE INVITED TO ROUND TWO, you will either have to be in the top 20 players on the site, or have been a survivor in a drawn first game (or obviously a solo win)
A solo win will guarantee a player AUTOMATIC ENTRY for the rest of the tournament.
WHERE possible, you will not get the same country twice.

See how it goes.


Tactical operations (for players)

EnglandFranceGermanyItalyAustriaRussiaTurkey   Game Master


Players :     
Riaz VIRANI (Riaz)
Bruce RAY (ray)
Craig PURCELL (Craig)
Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
Sebastian THOMAS (seb)
Enrico AGAMENNONE (goldarrow)
Pete MARINARO (Pete)

Game Master :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)    Creator :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)

Tournament :   JamesBond

Other games of the tournament :   Doctor_No For_Your_Eyes_Only From_Russia_With_Love GOLDFINGER LICENCED_TO_KILL@ LIVING_DAYLIGHTS THUNDERBALL

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