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News of the game

2015-01-13 12:35:44 (GMT) : The "immovable object" (Russia) is faced by the "irresistible force" (France) both in the north and the south...

Austria snatches a German centre.....

Italy is hanging on...but a storm is near!

Great stuff all round!!


The current score on this game is now

Steve (France) = 55.6
Pado (Russia) = 46.6
Martin (Austria) = 37.6
Roberto (Italy) = 31.6
Melinda (Germany) = 28.6

Happy Christmas to al dictators!


The score as it stands now is

Steve (France) = 52.6
Pado (Russia) = 43.6
Martin (Austria) = 40.6
Roberto (Italy) = 34.6
Melinda (Germany) = 28.6

Latest score - if game ended now would be:
Steve (France) = 41
Pado (Russia) = 35
Martin (Austria) = 32
Roberto (Italy) = 29
Melinda (Germany) = 23
Kevin (Turkey) = 20
Daniel (England) = 20


The current score - if the game ended here would be:

Pado (Russia) = 35
Steve (France) = 32
Martin (Austria) = 32
Daniel (England) = 26
Roberto (Italy) = 26
Melinda (Germany) = 26
Kevin (Turkey) = 23


Of course this is very early indeed, but if the game ended here the scores would be

Pado (Russia) = 35
Steve (France) = 29
Melinda (Germany) = 29
Martin (Austria) = 29
Kevin (Turkey) = 26
Daniel (England) = 26
Roberto (Italy ) = 26

There are FIVE people who have moved AND pressed the go button.
THIS suggests two need to press the go button....and the war will move on...


A very aggressive start from most players.
Keep it up chaps - and Chapesse!

We are waiting for one player who appears to have gone Awol.
I will replace him if no move today.


Four players have pressed the green buttons.

THERE IS NO RUSH, so do not feel pressured. The first move is often the most important in the game.


Well done everyone!!
There is no rush to get an adjudication, so I will wait (within reason) for you to all play....and press the green button.

Start those messages!!


Tactical operations (for players)

EnglandFranceGermanyItalyAustriaRussiaTurkey   Game Master


Players :     
Daniel HACKBART (Daniel)
Steve EVANS (Montanist)
Melinda HOLLEY (mah)
Roberto PEREGO (ozf30335012)
Martin HANSEN (Martinus)
Pado DETAPPAN (Pado the Ram)
Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)

Game Master :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)    Creator :   Robert MARSHALL (james bond)

Tournament :   JamesBond

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