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Introduction to the game Diplomacy


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Diplomacy is to Risk what the Bridge is to Beggar-My-Neighbour.
Diplomacy is a game of international intrigues and power politics where mix:
  • Strategy: is when and where to attack and who to support or ally; as well as what the relations should be afterwards
  • Tactics: is how to move your armies and fleets to reflect your strategy
  • Negotiation/diplomacy: is the communication between players that is the overall framework in which your tactics and strategy are played to achieve your goals.

The most official rules

To consult the official and complete rules of Diplomacy (in English).

A little abstract of the rules by the author of the site

To consult a summary of the rules of Diplomacy

Presentation by films by Edi Birsan (in English)

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A little abstract of the rules by Edi Birsan

To consult a summary of the rules of Diplomacy

Official website selling the board game (in English)

The site of the company Wizards of the Coasts (page of the Diplomacy game)

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