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Heathley BAINES (THC) A Dip Read  

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2020-03-21 10:13:07 (GMT)
 I've been writing a Dip blog for a few weeks now and thought I'd drop an advert here. Take a look at The Embassy (https://theembassydip.blogspot.com/). It's all my point of view about Dippy stuff, though, so be warned...

I've also just launched a new Dip zine: PERFIDIOUS - read Issue 1 here: https://sway.office.com/WT3xezWYofTxBQYC?ref=Link. I'm looking for contributors, but give issue 1 a look. You can subscribe here: theembassy.dip@gmail.com

Heathley BAINES (THC) ***  

6 messages
2020-03-21 10:09:25 (GMT)


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