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Julian WHEELER (Jules) RE :  
8 messages
2017-02-01 16:14:15 (GMT)
We like a GM who admits mistakes....

I don't suppose you could see about closing down a few dud games could you? (See this posting thread for explanation)


Ian WILENIUS (Wiley)   
4 messages
2017-01-30 21:01:13 (GMT)
 Well, I wish I had waited about 10 minutes to post that. Found the 'start game' button on the management page....


Ian WILENIUS (Wiley) Advancing game deadline  
4 messages
2017-01-30 20:56:16 (GMT)
 Hello all,

I'm a first time GM and I'm having trouble getting my game started. The game deadline passed before all the players were in. How do I reset the game so the deadline is in the future again? All the players are now assigned (though some have yet to complete the disclaimer) but when I try to 'advance the game deadline', I get a page with the map and 'return to game', 'return to adjudication' buttons but nothing else.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Is it because of the disclaimers not being completed? Do I need to activate the game somehow?

Ian WILENIUS (Wiley) ***  
4 messages
2017-01-30 17:31:28 (GMT)


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