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2010-12-15 (GMT)
[Alterated on 2010-12-08 14:04:26 (GMT)]
 Metagame or not Metagame?

After 4 or 5 seasons, one can usually say whether alliances between teams exist or not by just looking at all games in a tournament and seeing if all players of two teams play together, i.e. support each others for leading common attacks, and have no conflict in any of the games (negotiated bounces to mislead are not taken into account; in fact, they even accentuate the evidence of collusion).

Seven Virtues Tournament:
It does not seem that real alliances between teams have been made in this pool. This could explain why the ranking is so tight. An agreement between New-Zealand and Ireland seemed to appear but a conflict between these two teams in Temperentia contradicts this eventuality. Agreements between teams may have started; they have not emerged yet.
Seven Deadly Sins Tournament:
Only the alliance between the French and Italian teams is obvious. These teams do not seem to hide it. They are already at the top. Will the other teams react? If the five other teams do not counter very quickly F / I with a true alliance, I think the first two qualified for the final are already known.

Holy Virtues Tournament:
Two alliances seem to exist: United Kingdom and the Rest of the World and perhaps USA-East and Romania. Both alliances are likely to weaken the three other teams in most games and the two qualifying spots will be played in pairs between these four teams. UK / USA or RW / R? Who will win? For now, UK and RW lead in the ranking and have taken a little advantage.
Maybe other players have analyzed the situation differently? Anyhow, it would be good to compare the results.
Let’s see in late 1904 how alliances between teams will unfold in the three tournaments!

Dorian LOVE (Dorian) Tournament Status  

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2010-10-05 07:45:01 (GMT)
 We are now entering a period of team formations. I have mailed all the etams asking them to choose captains, etc, and seeking possibiliteis for teams who did not manage to raise 7 players to merge into reguional teams (eg. ANZACs)or to play for The European Union or Rest of the World Teams. Further recruitment is still possible as I have not shut the door on registrations.

Dorian LOVE (Dorian) Tournament Registration has been extended to 1 October  

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2010-09-09 16:33:03 (GMT)
 The period of registration has been extended to 1 October. During this time team allocation will be finalised as far as possible. I have emailed all particpants registered to date to try and encourage further national recruitment. I have also created a European Union Team and a Rest Of The World Team for those who fall outside team boundaries.

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2010-05-21 07:15:45 (GMT)


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