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European_Wonders : Identities of the participants




EnglandPlayers of England Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
FrancePlayers of France Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Pete MARINARO (Pete)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Igor KURT (Iggy)
RussiaPlayers of Russia David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
FrancePlayers of France Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Pete MARINARO (Pete)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Igor KURT (Iggy)
AustriaPlayers of Austria David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
FrancePlayers of France Pete MARINARO (Pete)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Igor KURT (Iggy)
ItalyPlayers of Italy David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England Pete MARINARO (Pete)
FrancePlayers of France Igor KURT (Iggy)
GermanyPlayers of Germany David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England Igor KURT (Iggy)
FrancePlayers of France David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Pete MARINARO (Pete)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
FrancePlayers of France Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Pete MARINARO (Pete)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey Igor KURT (Iggy)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


EnglandPlayers of England Francisco BARGA (Fran Le Baron)
FrancePlayers of France Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
GermanyPlayers of Germany Nicolas SAHUGUET (Woland)
ItalyPlayers of Italy Sebastian EGERTON-READ (Sebbers)
AustriaPlayers of Austria Pete MARINARO (Pete)
RussiaPlayers of Russia Igor KURT (Iggy)
TurkeyPlayers of Turkey David WIGGLESWORTH (wiggler)
Game Master Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))

Overall Game Master-ing

Tournament Director

Tournament DirectorDirector : Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))


CommissaryPlayers of Germany      
CommissaryPlayers of England      
CommissaryPlayers of Austria      
CommissaryPlayers of France      
CommissaryPlayers of Italy      
CommissaryPlayers of Russia      
CommissaryPlayers of Turkey      

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