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New_Zealand_f2 : Team

Team Alive
Number of members : 7

No anthem
Name : New_Zealand_f2
Tournament : The_Seven_Archangels
Team created on : 2011-08-31
Presentation :
Will BLACK (willbnz)New Zealand
Quentin BALL (QB)New Zealand
Will BLACK (willbnz)New Zealand
Average age of the male players : 48.43
Its members :
Quentin BALL (QB)New Zealand
Will BLACK (willbnz)New Zealand
Stephen MUZZATTI (muz)Australia
Craig PURCELL (Craig)New Zealand
Erwann SBAI (r1d1)New Zealand
Adam SCHOFIELD (Teh Fool)United States
Grant STEEL (moag)New Zealand
Its games in non anonymous tournaments :
Its feats of arms : Not shared victory 2012-06-18 by Erwann SBAI (r1d1) with Germany in the game Raphael in the tournament The_Seven_Archangels
Its reliability (not late / submissions) : 99.64 %

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Access to the capitain operations

For the capitain (or the lieutenant) only.
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