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Italy_f2 : Team

Team Alive
Number of members : 7

No anthem
Name : Italy_f2
Tournament : The_Seven_Archangels
Team created on : 2011-08-31
Presentation :
Angelo CERVONE (angel)Netherlands
Andrea ZIFFER (AZ)Italy
Angelo CERVONE (angel)Netherlands
Average age of the male players : 55.00
Its members :
Angelo CERVONE (angel)Netherlands
Giovanni CESARINI (kaesar)United Kingdom
Curzio FACOETTI (kurz)Italy
Filippo LUCCHINI (taddeo)Italy
Marco NOSEDA PEDRAGLIO (hokahey)Italy
Roberto PEREGO (ozf30335012)Italy
Andrea ZIFFER (AZ)Italy
Its games in non anonymous tournaments :
Its feats of arms :
Its reliability (not late / submissions) : 99.98 %

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