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Trafalgar : Players' end of game statements



Yager PABLOS (Wolfgang)



Enrico AGAMENNONE (goldarrow)



Robert MARSHALL (james bond)

I began this game as usual with a few alliances intending to eliminate certain countries one at a time.

Austria first, England next.

When there were five countries left I had the game set up perfectly where I could decide which team I wanted to win (F+I or R+T)

Here I went totally away from my tried and tested formula and started to try and get each team to bid for my allegiance!!

The megalomania approach was ok at first as I was gifted a centre by Russia and one from France. The PRAM POLICY was quite a fun idea. Got the P nearly got to M and R nowhere near A!!
Slowly I managed to push France into executing Italy, but then pushed my luck too far and the other three started to work against me.

I could see what would happen, but could not turn Russia soon enough against Turkey and could not turn France at all!!

The inevitable mega-stab of Russia+France followed....

A great solo for the patient Sultan!!

James Bond

Well Played Robert


Peter HAND (Peter)



Pado DETAPPAN (Pado the Ram)



Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)



Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)


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