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Skowron : Players' end of game statements



Tjeerd BOVEN (tealover)



Stuart WINCH (metalwarlord)



Jean-Pierre LOISEL (Jip)



Ilias KELENIDIS (Diphead)



Brian DENNEHY (denno88)



Nathan ALBRIGHT (Nathan)

This game was a mixture of frustrating and relieving for me--it was frustrating because my familiar Russian curse held firm and I was unable to keep peace in Scandinavia as is my goal and had to deal with a constant two-front war, and relieving because I (barely) managed to survive in a four-way draw because of my firm alliance with a strong Italian player, proving at least that the IR could endure to the end. Germany's gunboat strategy forced the east to deal with a strong EF and that proved to be a threat to all of us. It was a shame that the Turk proved unwilling to keep the peace, as I rather liked him. At any rate, survival is victory in some games, like this one.


Jay OUZTS (Jayouzts)


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