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Battle_of_Ypres : Players' end of game statements









I dont normall yplay gunbot but accidentally ended up in this game - user error :-)

My game was a great battle with France

aboiut 7 years of stalemate in the Med and then tried to work with him to keep the english machine in check for about 5 years until France started to get a bit bigger and he moved to GOL and Wes and then we were back into Stalmate for another 8 years.

What I saw in int he rest of the board
AI held tight without negotiating - a couple of issues but in the main we understood that the early EF was a feral concern so we had to stick together

Germany did well to climb back from 1 centre as did Russia getting to 7 centres. around 1920 Russia then effectively killed the game by taking out Turkey. This meant his F ION had to go and France was now unstoppable.

From my view Russia was already in second with no chance of 1st and again in my opinion settled for a solid 7. Pushing for 9 centres meant France would get the 18

ANy 18 is well deserved and this one was particularly hard fought and well deserved.

We had a great battle in the south which I enjoyed immensely and thanks to both Austra and Turkey for allowing me to hold up the invasion for over 20 years

Thanks SEB for GMing

All the best







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