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Batman : Players' end of game statements



Victor DE HAVENON (Nonevah)

Autumn 1902: Allied with Germany, made a swift attack on France in 1901, as is quite obvious. He fell for it like a chump. Italy got played by the AI for Autumn 1901, which turned out surprisingly well, garnering him Trieste and Mar. Can't tell what's going on with Austria, Turkey, and Russia. Italy is moving West a bit.

I've actually been thinking... maybe I should stab Germany, and support France against Italy? Russia's having trouble in the south, so I'll probably gain more German centers. But where do I go after that? Turkey's the key to the long term gambit, can be a problem for Austria or Russia.

Autumn Moves 1902:
Okay, this space will be used for thinking out loud. I've heard that it's always a good idea to plan 18 SC's, instead of just hoping you wander into them. Let's see. As is, I have 5 SC's, not a great number, but when you look at the rest of the board... Italy is a great power with 6 and no one who can really bother to slap him down. Russia also has 6 centers, but has quite a few enemies and looks to be losing two this Fall. Austria and Turkey... are just hopelessly entangled with each other, I really have absolutely no idea what's going on down there. Germany's fairly well off, 5 centers like me, but he has Russia all up in his home centers whereas mine are fairly secure, and I have no neighbor that has any real threat against me.
I'm thinking of using France as a bulwark against Italy. It's difficult to break into the MED, and Iberia's often a tough nut to crack anyhow. I think one of my big goals here should be to encourage someone, anyone, to take action against Italy. Perhaps turkey...
For solo, Par is an obvious 6th center. I could pick up BEL and HOL to 8, POR and SPA to 10, KIE-BER-DEN to 13, MUN to 14, SWE and STP to 16, SPA to 17...
That's the real trick, isn't it? Breaking across the board? Not taking one of those centers requires me to reach even farther. The reasonable way to do it is through the med, but Italy, the strongest other power in the game, is sitting there.


Alexander STOREY-COSGRAVE (Darthal101)



Laurent CHARLES (Z)



Daniel HACKBART (Daniel)



Guilherme RECKA (Recka)



Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)



Jonathan ARMOUR (Cazimo)


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