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Balachiel : Players' end of game statements



Curzio FACOETTI (kurz)  Italy_f2



Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)  USA_f2



Maluco RASTA (Maluco Rasta)  Argentina_f2



Fang ZHANG (Fang)  ROTW_f2



Vincent REULET (lanimal)  France_f2



Rick POWELL (Rickyp)  Ireland_f2

Guys.. just realised I never entered an EOG.. and I should (even if no one actually reads it).I enjoyed this game for the most part..
I started with no set allies and no idea which direction to go in and for a while I was in a lot of trouble. England had me on the ropes early on but a Ska bounce managed to turn the tables on him a quielty/subtley change the course of the game. Not sure if anyone else spotted it but from that point I moved from "in trouble" to "strong" in the north. I still wasnt sure who to work with up there and for a long time I wanted to work with Germany but his demands just made it impossible.. But both Eng & Ger had great strategic ability.. I was lucky to find a path through.
In the south the situation was even worse.. I warmed to Fang early on but then Craig & Vince started talking about a 3 way RTA alliance.. but I couldnt see how it could work. Craig seemed like a really nice guy, Vince seemed like an evil strategist but he was a great collegue to bounce ideas off.. I just couldnt see how a 3 way would work and I quietly tried to convince either of them to help me against the 3rd.. in the end Craig forced my hand by first an attempted stab in Rum, but then insisting on me sending a fleet to fight his wars for him and me having to be reliant on his help for the rest of the game.. I was forced to stab and RA was on.. all worked out fine until Vince was replaced by his team and it got ugly. Next Ally was France and I loved working with Kevin.. great strategist and a fine ally but that all fell to pieces when meta gaiming kicked in, Kevin dropped out and I was forced to push for the win. Fang you drifted away at the end.. I wish you well and hope our paths cross again. Thank you all.. messy at the end but I met some great people.


Craig PURCELL (Craig)  New_Zealand_f2


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