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Kai SODKE (darkcrusade) : Calling card of

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Last name : sodke
First Name : kai
Nickname on the site : darkcrusade
Account created on : 2013-10-09
Steadfastness : 40     Explanations about steadfastness
Skill : 794     Explanations about skill
Age : About 28
Gender :
Preferred language :
Fluent in English for Diplomacy : Yes
Fluent in French for Diplomacy : No
Country detected (in English) : United States
More precise location (in English) : Fort Collins Where is this ?
Email status : Confirmed
His or her languages spoken : english
Face to face results :  
More information :  
His or her absences :
Jan       Feb                            Mar       
24 25*2627 28 29 30 31 010203 04 05 06 07 080910 11 12 13 14 151617 18 19 20 21 222324 25 26 27 28 290102 03 04 05 06 0708
In the waiting list : No
His or her affiliations : JamesBond
His or her right to Game Master : No
His or her right to play alone against 6 AIs : No
His or her availibility to be put as replacement in standard open games : No
His or her availibility to be put as replacement in gunboat open games : No
His or her team(s) :
His or her responsibilities in teams :
His or her responsibilities in games or tournaments :
Games created not mastered :
His or her ongoing games in non anonymous tournaments : Germany+ in the game MOONRAKER- in the tournament Private_games
His or her non ongoing games in non anonymous tournaments : France+ in the game Arcole\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners
England in the game Botvinnik\ in the tournament SteadFastThreeHundred
Italy in the game Delon\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
France in the game Ernestine\ in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
England+ in the game Fishy_Stuff\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners
Turkey+ in the game Hawk\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
Austria in the game JoeVille\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners
Russia in the game Lasker\ in the tournament SteadFastThreeHundred
Russia+ in the game may_the_best_empire_win\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
Turkey in the game Philidor\ in the tournament SteadFastThreeHundred
Turkey+ in the game please_move_fast_or_dont_join\ in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
Germany+ in the game Risky_Bisness\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners
England+ in the game Roberta\ in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
Italy+ in the game Ukraine_special\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
Germany+ in the game War_at_Dawn\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners
His or her appearances in games in non anonymous tournaments :
His or her feats of arms in games in non anonymous tournaments : Not shared victory 2014-09-10 with Turkey in the game Philidor in the tournament SteadFastThreeHundred
His or her reliability (non late / submissions) : Not significant
His or her number of submissions : 0
His or her event/incidents in non anonymous tournaments : Adjudication took place without player\'s orders (CD) 2015-06-06 with Germany in the game MOONRAKER in the tournament Private_games
Number of non anonymous messages dropped : 0
Average votes for awards per gameBoulanger : 0.07
Napoléon : 0.00
Machiavel : 0.07
Balzac : 0.07
 This account is confirmed
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