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Eric DORN (Eric) : Calling card of

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Last name : dorn
First Name : eric
Nickname on the site : Eric
Account created on : 2012-04-19
Steadfastness : 0     Explanations about steadfastness
Skill : 1127     Explanations about skill
Age : About 24
Gender :
Preferred language :
Fluent in English for Diplomacy : Yes
Fluent in French for Diplomacy : No
Country detected (in English) : United States
More precise location (in English) : Chicago Where is this ?
Email status : Confirmed
His or her languages spoken :  
Face to face results :  
More information :  
His or her absences :
Feb              Mar                             
1516*17 18 19 20 21 222324 25 26 27 28 290102 03 04 05 06 070809 10 11 12 13 141516 17 18 19 20 212223 24 25 26 27 282930
In the waiting list : No
His or her affiliations :
His or her right to Game Master : No
His or her right to play alone against 6 AIs : No
His or her availibility to be put as replacement in standard open games : No
His or her availibility to be put as replacement in gunboat open games : No
His or her team(s) :
His or her responsibilities in teams :
His or her responsibilities in games or tournaments :
Games created not mastered :
His or her ongoing games in non anonymous tournaments :
His or her non ongoing games in non anonymous tournaments : France in the game Bree\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
Russia in the game Chargers\ in the tournament Private_games
Austria in the game ChargersTwo\ in the tournament Private_games
England in the game Chargers_Three\ in the tournament Private_games
France+ in the game Domination\ in the tournament Private_games
Austria+ in the game Gabrielle\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
Italy+ in the game LaureSinclair\ in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
England in the game Serious_Business\ in the tournament Private_games
France in the game Silent_Night\ in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
Austria+ in the game Valentine\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all
His or her appearances in games in non anonymous tournaments : (England in the game Beginners\ in the tournament Games_for_beginners)
(Austria in the game Lynette\ in the tournament Fast_games_in_English_open_to_all)
His or her feats of arms in games in non anonymous tournaments : Absolute victory (solo) 2013-05-12 with England in the game Chargers_Three in the tournament Private_games
Absolute victory (solo) 2013-01-30 with France in the game Silent_Night in the tournament Gunboat_games_open_to_all
His or her reliability (non late / submissions) : 100.00 %
His or her number of submissions : 29
His or her event/incidents in non anonymous tournaments :
Number of non anonymous messages dropped : 1
Average votes for awards per gameBoulanger : 0.00
Napoléon : 0.10
Machiavel : 0.00
Balzac : 0.00
 This account is confirmed
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