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Major articles from Edi Birsan)

A Script for Teaching Diplomacy (in English)  A guide to new players on internet (in English)

The corner of the math lovers

A small article to count the Diplomacy possible positions after the first turn of movements.
To follow the calculation (aspirin not provided)

A logigram related to Diplomacy. It is quite easy.
To try the logigram

A study to suggest how to organize tables for a team tournament to avoid cross gaming.
To read the suggestion (in English)

A study about ELO implemented for Diplomacy.
To read the article (in English)

Personal advice

Advice from the author of the site to preserve your invaluable PC
To consult the advice


The parody of a famous science fiction film by Danny Loeb
Original version (in English)  French translation

Interzines archives

Moreover a small history of this tournament was written, do not hesitate to read it.
To read the history (in French)

A lot of information on the official site of Interzines of Gabriel Lecointre
To visit the site (in French)

The first edition

Information in bulk:
The participants of edition 2003 (in French)

The second edition

A small summary of the champions of the edition 2003 of the tournament Interzines present on the second edition.
To consult the summary (in French)

World Diplomacy Cup

This event is trying to start and tries an analogy with the Soccer World Cup

The Diplomacy World Cup Charter (in English)  The official request for Bids (in English)  The Bid from the Stabbeurfou site (in English)  Various lists of countries (in English)

Report of round one (in English)  Final report (in English)


Escalation, a variant with fewer players (in English)

Hundred, a variant in the middle-ages (in French)

Mix between Diplomacy and Werewolves (in English)

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